Sandrine Plante is a figurative sculptor (she places great emphasis on the masculine aspect of this profession, explaining that it is her masculine energy that creates) committed to African memories from the dawn of time to the present day.

Born in the Puy de Dôme region in 1974, she is a "métisse" or "zoréole" to be precise, i.e. born of an Auvergne mother and a Reunion father.

She discovered clay at the age of 8 (and remained self-taught for many years) and soon decided to become an artist, encouraged by her parents.

After graduating with a baccalaureate in plastic arts, she went on to study art history, apprenticing as a sculptor with Jean Chauchard, a pupil of Paul Belmondo in Rome. She also attended a stone-cutting and architecture school in Volvic, Puy de Dôme, and took sculpture courses in Italy with Gigi Guadagnucci in Massa Carrara - the great marble master.

It was clear to her that art could express much more than a state of mind, that it could be used to campaign, tell stories and defend causes.

Sandrine Plante creates her figures without models or photos, but from her dreams. Her creations are initially made in terracotta, some of which are in museums, and then in acrylic resin, aqua and bronze. They are on a single or larger scale, sometimes telling the story of ancestors in chronological order: the "Healers" series, the "Nomads" series, the "Home" series, still on the land of their birth, the "Captures, Sales, Separations" series, the "Bottomless Holds" series, a tribute to all those forgotten men and women who died on the slave ships, "lynchings" and "On the plantation".

This scourge recurs as if inexorably, still affecting 60 million human beings...

"I will never cease to express this cry, I who, as a woman in my time, in my country, have the possibility to do so".

In addition to her artistic activities, Sandrine Plante offers sculpture workshops open to all, regardless of skill level. These classes are a unique opportunity for students to explore their creativity, learn the art of sculpture and engage in meaningful dialogue about the intersection of art, history and societal issues. With her expertise, passion and refined artistry, Sandrine creates a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for her students to embark on their own sculptural journey.


Legacy museum Montgomery Alabama USA 2023: creation by 5 children "À la plantation", outdoor bronze installation in October; "Exode" (museum emblem) oxidized resin, couple "Le cri" terracotta, "Aia" resin, "Strange fruit" oxidized resin.

Musée européen du Blues 2023 Châtres sur Cher: "Negmarron" original terracotta.

City of Pont de Claix, association garden "Elie" bronze 2021.

Bordeaux city hall garden: "Strange fruit" aqua resin 2019.

Ile de Gorée Senegal Africa "Exode" resin 2019.

Musée de Villèle, chapelle pointue, Reunion Island 2018, "Les 3 frères".

Musée de la Savane des esclaves les 3 Ilets, Martinique 2015 to 2017: 16 creations on Caribbean Indians and plantation slaves including "Le cri", "Awa", "Matika et l'enfant" etc. Terracotta and resin



2023: Festival des abolitions: Mairie 12ème Paris, Bourse du travail Saint- Denis, Mairie de Bobigny.

2020-2023: Maron'Ages Gallery, Lyon:

  • Permanent exhibition
  • Art 3 F.

2021-2023 : Galerie Kristel Ann Art :

  • Festival Une rencontre autour du piano Guadeloupe.
  • Fort Fleur d'épée Guadeloupe.
  • Temporary gallery Le Marais Paris.
  • King Carlos Pavilion, Cascais Portugal.

2022: Guest of honor at Bourbonnais Arts Vichy (28 pieces).

Award: 2022 Vichy puy de Dôme town medal.

2021: Guest of honor at salon Terre et Flamme Chantepie 35.

2019: Exhibition for Memory Week, Bordeaux town hall.

2019 February: Carrefour des arts exhibition, Puy de Dôme.

2018 : Germany: Neumarkt bank.

2018 August: Exhibition at Salon international Puy-en-Velay 43.

Award: 2nd prize in the sculpture category.

2018 October: Exhibition Salon Terre et Flamme Chantepie 35 (39 pieces).

Award: 1st prize from the public.

2018 May: Semaine de la mémoire, exhibition for the Montpellier May 10

Montpellier collective at the Maison des relations internationales.

2017 April: Carrefour des arts Chamalières 63 exhibition.

Award: 1st prize for sculpture with "Yannaké'éna".

2016: Carrefour des arts Chamalières Puy de Dôme exhibition.

Award: unanimous 1st prize for sculpture with "Les 3 frères".


1995 Training courses with sculptor Gigi Guadagnucci Massa Carrara Italy

1995 Volvic Puy de Dôme school of stone-cutting and architecture

1994-1995 Sculpture apprenticeship with Jean Chauchard, Rome lodge

pupil of Paul Belmondo

1993-1994 Faculty of art history

1992 Fine Arts Baccalaureate

Self-taught in sculpture since age 8