figurative SCULPTOR

I am a figurative sculptor of France.
My work is socially engaged, concentrating on the theme of slavery, a duty to memory in the service of History, so that we never forget.

As a daughter of a slave descendant from the Isle de la Réunion and a mother from metropolitan France, I have expressed myself on this theme for several years.

Thus it is that my creation is a cry for all the oppressed of yesterday and today. My personages, life-sized or sometimes larger, reveal themselves in clay: slavery, separations... this plague which expands relentlessly, still affecting today more than 40 million humans.
I will never cease expressing this cry as long as I, as a modern woman in my country, have the possibility and power to do so. We are all part of the same Mother Earth."

I do not sculpt to please the eyes but to tell a story

"To be free is not just to throw off your chains; it's to live in a way that respects and strengthens the freedom of others."


"I'm not sure of anything, except that I'd never find peace if I tried to gag my conscience".


"For us, the choice is made. We are among those who refuse to forget. We are those who refuse to accept amnesia as a method. This is neither fundamentalism nor fundamentalism, still less puerile navel-gazing."


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12 bis rue de la Libération

63160 Billom

 06 70 18 78 57